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I arrived in Lesvos under the more unusual of conditions, and tourism was the last thing on my mind. Yet, the island is perfectly suited to tourism – and not in an over-done hyper-resorted Mykonos way, either. It’s perfect for an authentic taste of Greek life and a haven of delicious food, kindhearted locals and beautiful beaches.

My life was based in the beautiful port town of Myteline for four weeks, and one of the many things I learned from my experience here is what this little paradise needs is some more tourism. Loads of people have never heard of the island, and of those who have, many only know it because of the refugee crisis is has become synonymous with. But this is not a reason to avoid Lesvos – quite the opposite, in fact.

The island is a true European paradise, and the kindness and hospitality of the people shows just how special this hidden gem is. So please, explore this magical island – drink in the perfect mauve sunsets and sip ouzo at one of the numerous tavernas. Come here to enjoy Greece without the horrendous price tag or nightclub life of the more famous party islands! In my opinion, Lesvos is my favourite Greek Island .. and here’s three reasons why:

Where is Lesvos on a map

1. Historical writers & poets

Lesvos is famously home to the poet Sapphos, who has a permanent home (in the form of a statue) in her namesake Sappho’s Square in central Mytelini.

2. The picturesque small villages & abundant natural beauty

Being Greece’s third largest island, there is so much beauty to explore.The island is home to numerous charming small fishing villages, such as Panagouda, a smattering of castles to explore, and a petrified forest – not to mention an expansive coastline of gorgeous beaches.

Mytilene harbour, Lesvos

3. Food, tavernas & ouzo

Lesvos is known by most Greeks as the place where the best ouzo comes from, more specifically the town of Plomari on the island’s Southern coast.

Taverna by the sea


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