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September Gratitude & Springtime Curiosities September 2020 Posted in: Gratitude

Spring is beginning to show here in New Zealand, with blossoms blooming and daffodil sprouts coming up. I’m so grateful to see more blue skies and sunny afternoons. After spending a very unexpected winter back in my home country, I’m super appreciate of the promise of spring & summer to come.

When I set out on my nomad journey, I had planned to chase the sun. Other than the occasional dip into wintery climates, for the most part, I’d succeeded for six years! So all this cold and darkness came as a bit of a shock to the system.

But it’s not all bad, of course! I am very lucky to be where I am during the current state of the world, and I am enjoying feeling the anticipation of spring coming on all around and focusing on gratitude for this month.