🪴 What's with the plants?

I've become increasingly more curious about open sourcing knowledge, learning in public, and how working with the garage door up ties into knowledge gardens, digital gardening, and the software development principles of continuous deployment & releasing early.

Through my blog I've begun tackling perfectionism head on, by exploring the idea of not holding onto things for a rainy day, or waiting until they are perfect. By getting ideas out in the world for feedback, sooner rather than later.

Inspired by My blog is a digital garden, not a blog by Joel Hooks, who said:

"Just like plants in the garden I've got posts that are in various stages of growth and nurturing. Some might wither and die, and others (like this one you are reading) will flourish and provide a source of continued for the gardener and folks in community that visit "

Posts now all carry one of the following status:

🌱 Seedling, 🌿 Budding, or 🪴Evergreen

If you'd like to learn more about my transition into more of a digital garden than a blog, check out my Seedlings, Kaizen & Knowledge Gardens post.

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🌱 Seedling

These are my newest posts, they are as yet, unfinished.

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