Cherry Blossoms in Beijing Great Wall of China

Beijing Tales | Memories passed from my father.

Beijing existed in my mind as an abstract painting, fragments taken from my late father’s many tales of arriving in this mysterious land. Visions of tranquil ancient penzai gardens danced with the buzz of a post-modern metropolis. The city was all these things at once and still somehow more; a breathing, gyrating, living contrast to itself.

Minjian River - Dragons, myth, and minjian (overland asia diary #9)

Dragons, Myth, and Minjian

As ancient Chinese legend would have it, here in the Sichuan region of Southwest China there was a fierce dragon lurking in the Minjian River.
A 735-kilometer-long tributary of the famed Yangtze River that we were visiting from nearby Chengdu.

Chengdu, full of mysteries - The mysteries of chinese airlines (overland asia diary #7)

The Mysteries of Chinese Airlines

Despite many years of working in the airline industry, the unique and often baffling rules of Chinese airlines still managed to surprise me. On arrival into Bangkok airport we were told , in no uncertain terms, that we were to pay another five thousand baht in overweight baggage fees to this small Chinese airline I had previously never heard of.

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