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Not chaotic  in a bad way, just in a back-at-work, finding a place to live, last week of semester at school kinda way and I haven’t been posting as daily as I’d like to have been.

I have been keeping note of my daily gratitude though, so for days 29 through 35, here’s 7 things I’m grateful for:

Arriving back in Auckland has been wonderful. It’s so warm and sunny here, I’m grateful for every second I’ve had to bathe in sunshine and not have to wear socks!

We found an apartment! It’s just what we were hoping for, it’s close to a yoga school I am looking forward to joining, and has a large enough balcony for me to indulge in a little gardening. It feels like a perfect fit for our next 6 months

I’m grateful for my glasses. Recently I discovered I have astigmatism in one eye, and this is why I’ve been getting headaches from too much reading. Getting glasses for work + reading has been game changing! And I am so thankful for the relief on my eyes (and blue light filter lenses, too!)

Our car, for carrying us all the way across NZ, despite some harrowing run ins with the engine light, low petrol and a flat tyre!

Grateful and excited to be planning for my first ever US thanksgiving celebration. It was supposed to happen in the US but of course due to changes, we will figure out how to do it here instead

Still in awe at the wonders of the earth. Check out the colours in the geothermic lake photographed. So much amazing natural beauty to be thankful for!

thankful for my hard working (albeit exhausted) little brain for working so hard to carry me through all the study this year. This semester has been particularly hard work and I’m so thankful to have gotten this far already in my degree


This is a budding post, It's a work in progress

Notice anything missing? This is a budding post, which means although it's mostly complete, I'm still dropping in and working on it. I believe in learning in public, and releasing my thoughts, notes & ideas before they are finished is a part of the process. You can read more about seedling, budding, and evergreen posts here, or give me a nudge if there's anything you'd like me to add.

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