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This post is for day 4 of Bloganuary, a month-long blogging challenge that includes a prompt every day. Today’s prompt: What was your favourite toy as a child

Oh, how I loved toys as a child. My love of toys was upped only by my mother’s desire to buy them for me. A match made in heaven, perhaps. Whatever it was, it led to my childhood years involving the most wondrous collection of games, toys, art supplies and stuffed animals.

I adored animals, and Sylvanian families won out over barbie dolls every time. My favourite stuffed animal was a fluffy grey and white bunny with floppy ears named Pipkin, and I collected all manner of dog figurines.

My incredible collection of toys makes it difficult to pick a favourite, so instead I want to talk about an unexpectedly inspiring toy from my childhood: the Vicky doll.

Vicky was far from my favourite toy, and as we’ve established – dolls weren’t my usual thing. But what made Vicky different is that she travelled the world! Something I was fascinated by, and at 35 still remain to be.

She was a small, blonde, doll who came with a limited magazine subscription – 26 episodes to be exact. The doll herself came in the first magazine, dressed in her safari clothes, ready to teach us all about Africa and the wild animals of the serengeti.

After the initial magazine edition, all subsequent episodes came with a new outfit for her which matched the theme of the book. To be fair, it wasn’t a travel theme every time. The theme was activities, careers, and places. But they did manage to shoehorn a lot of travel in there!

Vicky travelled back in time to Tudor England, she visited Japan complete with her own kimono. One time, she went to Spain and I followed along eagarly to learn all about flamenco and her gorgeous red sevillana flamenco dress – it was more than 20 year later when I went to Seville myself and watched a flamenco show, remembering at the time when I’d first heard of this incredible form of art.

Thanks to the adventures of Vicky, I realised a fascination with travel & the world long before I ever boarded my first long haul flight. So although this was not my favourite toy (I would never betray Pipkin like that!) it was certainly one who’s influence has lasted a whole lot longer than her 26 episodes.


This is a budding post, It's a work in progress

Notice anything missing? This is a budding post, which means although it's mostly complete, I'm still dropping in and working on it. I believe in learning in public, and releasing my thoughts, notes & ideas before they are finished is a part of the process. You can read more about seedling, budding, and evergreen posts here, or give me a nudge if there's anything you'd like me to add.

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