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This is a few years ago, back when I was traveling alone by train around the north of India.⁣

I landed in Rishikesh, the home of yoga thanks to a exchange I was on, where I wrote the content on the website of a new yoga school, and in exchange I lived for free.⁣

It was some of the most tranquil moments of my time in India. I enjoyed yoga, meditation, and walking around the Ganges – right at the top before the waters become polluted. I got to know local shop owners and spent many afternoons eating dal & drinking tea around sweet little cafes.


This is a budding post, It's a work in progress

Notice anything missing? This is a budding post, which means although it's mostly complete, I'm still dropping in and working on it. I believe in learning in public, and releasing my thoughts, notes & ideas before they are finished is a part of the process. You can read more about seedling, budding, and evergreen posts here, or give me a nudge if there's anything you'd like me to add.

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