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This post is for day 5 of Bloganuary, a month-long blogging challenge that includes a prompt every day. Today’s prompt: What is something you wish you knew how to do?

I am an out of control learning addict, there. I said it.

I wish I could speak more languages, code in more languages, learn to dance, learn to sing, learn more instruments, read more books. I would love to learn to become a better runner, an athlete, a better yogi. I’m an excellent cook but I would like to learn to be better, to make new things. I love making things with my hands, and would love to learn to paint or make my own clothes. The list is endless, and for every thing I learn how to do, the list of things left to learn is infinitely longer.

Picking just one thing I wish I knew how to do is complicated. Perhaps, if I must choose, I wish I knew how to learn more, to make more time for more things, to develop skills more effectively. If you ask me on any day, my answer will different. Today I am most curious about Mikhail Petrunin’s research on learning all four predominant romance languages at once, and wondering if I should expand my French & Spanish speaking to include Italian & Portuguese. But that’s just today, tomorrow may well be different.

I was inspired by The Four Hour Chef when I read it years ago, and continue to be inspired by it to this day. The question that I continue to ponder, which is rather meta in its message: How do we become better at learning? How can I make my own learning time more effective? The Four Hour Chef directly addresses this question, and has led me to my firmly held belief that the thing I wish I knew how to do was to learn more things, more often, more effectively.

Thankfully, I work at Automattic, where part of our company creed is I will never stop learning. This resonates with me, and is part of the reason I love the place I work so much. It’s also the inspiration behind the title of today’s short bloganuary prompt.

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