There was a moment where it all made sense. I still cant tell you why, or how. I can only tell you that it did, and that I went. I flew one way to an Island I’d never heard of, one that the only thing I knew was in desperate need.

The island was Lesvos, just 10km off the coast of Turkey, and it was winter

In the Beginning

1: Stepping Into Lesvos – The Journey Begins

2: Arriving into Lesvos

3: Life in Lesvos: Donation Warehouses and my First Day Volunteering

4: Knitting in Solidarity – The Secret Nightlife of a Small Mytilini Cafe.

Working Beach Rescue

5: Meeting Refugee Boats on the Southeast Coast of Lesvos

6: The Evolution of an Island

7: A Rainy Sunday in Panagiouda

8: Overnighting at the Olive Grove

9: Some Mornings

10: Uncertainty and Empty Oceans

11: The Days with no Boats

12: Let us be angry, this is a crisis after all

Moving to the Mainland

13: Saint Valentine and the Gasoline Wasteland

14: Making Friends at PolyKastro

15: I Didn’t Cry

16: The Day we Marched to Macedonia

17: Where Will They Go?

On Reflection

18: Let’s Play a Game

19: Life After Idomeni – A reflection

20: Everybody Has a Story