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What am I reading this month?

This year has bought along with it a whole lot less travel, and much more reading about it in travel blogs instead – well, I don’t know about you, but that’s certainly been the case for me!

But what am I reading for inspiration right now? Here’s a few interesting travel bloggers writing about places, and experiences, that I’ve been adding to my return-to-travel 2021 (fingers crossed) wish list

Two Birds Breaking Free

With a focus on Asian destinations, Eoghan and Jili of the Two Birds Breaking Free travel blog have me seriously wanderlusting after some parts of India I’d never even heard of.

I’m especially enamoured by the living root bridges in Nongriat village that look like something straight out of a fairytale.

Nomadic Notes

Nomadic Notes Screenshot

James has a pretty sweet blog focused on the digital nomad life that I myself have been living since 2014 (I’m a baby at it in comparison!)

Currently, James is based in Vietnam and providing fascinating guides on the country that has been helping me develop some future plans to finally make it to Vietnam and visit (once it’s safe to do so, of course)! I am especially curious about what Hoi An must be like without tourists.

The Lost Passport

The lost passport screenshot

The Lost Passport refers to itself as Your Ultimate Southeast Asia Travel Guide and woah, that’s totally true. I’ve visited, lived in, and fallen in love with Southeast Asia so many times over the years, but nothing I’ve experienced compares to the detailed guides and info that Josh is putting out over here.

I’ve been lusting after Thailand recently, even though I was only just there in February! I think The Lost Passport’s Guide to Koh Lipe has me inspired to check out this little island that’s been on my radar for a while now.

Nomadic Samuel

Nomadic Samuel Screenshot

I had been enjoying Nomadic Samuel’s blog in the past, but somehow it totally slipped off my radar and I’ve had the joy of rediscovering it all over again!

Sam posts really interesting and informative content, and this Emilia-Romagna guide for foodies has me dreaming of planning another Euro trip next summer to indulge my tastebuds in some amazing Italian cuisine.

Bachelor of Travel

Bachelor of Travel Screenshot

The Bachelor of Travel blog caught my eye recently with the post 10 Things People Get Wrong About Aotearoa New Zealand

Being a Kiwi myself, I love reading people’s experiencing of NZ – and then learning that the awesome Rania is from Thessaloniki (where I’ve spent a lot of time & it feels like home for me) then moved to New Zealand for a long while (my home country) made me even more fascinated to keep reading this pretty awesome blog and follow Rania’s adventures.

Don’t Forget to Move

dont forget to move screenshot

Jules & Christine over at Don’t Forget to Move have some awesome adventure travel posts I am devouring at the moment.

I’m especially fascinated with the Adventure Travel in Mexico : Exploring Chiapas post as I was supposed to be returning to Mexico this November, for my first visit to Chiapas (despite many, many, many visits to neighbouring Oaxaca!)

So while I’m sad Chiapas is postponed for now, reading about it makes me even more excited for next year when I will try again!

52 in Kicks

51inKicks screenshot

I have a particular soft spot for 52 in Kicks because of the beautiful site design, but also because Agata & Sean write about some of my favourite places & I’m loving reminiscing.

But also enjoying getting some inspiration for visiting more of my own country (New Zealand) while I am passing the year here!

The Longest Way Home

The Longest Way Home screenshot

David set off on an overland journey in 2005, and is still going now – this website is one of the most comprehensive guides, especially to Nepal, Asia and Overland travel I have encountered and I am loving every moment of it.

My own overland Asia journey pales in comparison to the incredible journeys documented on the Longest Way home, and it’s so inspiring to read.

I’ve been finding it fascinating to learn how different parts of the world are working with the current pandemic situation, and the post Will Nepal Open for Trekking and Tourism is a really fascinating insight into how the situation there is right now.

What are your favourite travel blogs this month? What else should I be checking out to satiate all this pent up wanderlust? Let me know in the comments!

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