Welcome to Greece

Uncertainty and Empty Oceans

Once a week I let go and get away. I escape to the relative normality of a cafe overlooking the ocean and I let the weight of the world fall on me. Sometimes there are tears, sometimes despondence. Usually I manage to get some work done in there too. Todays emotion of the moment is […]

Some Mornings

I know the contours of these mountain ranges like the lines of my palms. Turkey mesmerises me as I gaze into it’s coastlines each morning watching for boats, the faintest white flash somewhere between here and there. Mobile phones beaming light out to the unknown shores, their light reaching us up on our cliff-top lookout as […]

A Rainy Sunday in Panagiouda

Gulls swoop and dive, riding the currents of the stormy air, oblivious to the tumultuous conditions south down the shore line. Weather conditions have been dire overnight and the ferry to Athens never left. For a change of circumstance I am feeling cosy and well rested, having to put myself first after picking up a nasty […]

The Evolution of an Island

Like a small child, I eagerly gather around the storytellers of Lesvos. The old-timers who were here before the media circus arrived. Helpers who roamed the island a year ago, but you could be forgiven for thinking I’m talking in decades. Things move quickly, this is not the same crisis it was a week ago, […]

Evelyn Cafe, a Story of Knitting in Solidarity

Stepping into this cozy little local cafe, it’s only the tittering and laughter emanating down through the stairway that gives the party away. For almost a month now, Mytilini resident Evelyn has been hosting knitting evenings in the upstairs dining room of her self-named cafe. Local Greeks flock to Evelyn Cafe every Sunday evening to […]

Arriving into Mytilene, Lesvos

After a long, sleepless, overnight ferry, I have arrived into the port of Mytilene, windswept and dark-eyed but with unyielding enthusiasm. I will be based for at least the next few days. I will spend my first few days on the ground working at a warehouse and assisting to sort donations before heading out to volunteer […]

Stepping Into Lesvos – The Journey Begins

I have been transitioning between two polarities this weekend, via a few days to settle and re-balance myself in London. From a safe bubble-like space of meditation, structure, schedules and safety-nets to a completely different world – one where I will be responsible for my own time management, schedules, finances as well as providing (rather […]