History, Culture & Food

There is something so magical about Europe, nowhere else on earth can you traverse so many countries by land in such a short space of time, and experience so many different unique places in one trip.

I am besotted with Europe. From charming Parisian terrace cafés to Bulgarian springtime produce markets – every corner of Europe is filled to the brim with culture, food and history.

My first ever visit to Europe was to a small town in the Southwest of France and it sparked a passion in me for exploring all that Europe has to offer.

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to spend time all around the continent – from working on a Permaculture Project in Portugal to Renovating an old farmhouse in Bulgaria, I’ve travelled the length of the Balkans and fallen in love with the Albanian Riviera.

A shared meal in the Périgord

It was 2015 in the Southwest French summertime, visiting the Périgord region not far from Bordeaux. Before this, I’d never set foot in Europe. A wide eyed and brand new to this land, so heavy with culture and history. My first glimpse of Paris entailed a zip down the Seine with barely a pause for […]

Chasing Flamenco in Seville

It was summer twenty sixteen, and in a desperate bid to lay low and recover from my time volunteering in Greece I was on a somewhat aimless wandering around the warmer parts of Europe. Sleeping in hostels, picking up volunteer work in exchange for a bed and a meal, writing for money when I could […]

A brief moment in Bucharest

The longer I had travelled, the more my desire for planning new destinations had fallen by the wayside. Not due to laziness, rather because at this time in my journey I’d come to deeply enjoy the last-minuteness of it all. A last minute trip to Bulgaria evolved into an even more last minute weekend in […]

Fort-de-France in December

Fort-de-France, capital of Martinique in the French Caribbean. Here I was, spending December exploring buttery croissants, excellent wine, & palm-fringed tropical beaches.

25 Days of Bulgaria Part 1

The bus lurched into Sofia amidst a storm that might rival armageddon. The first taste of Bulgaria, and hopefully not an omen of things to come. After weaving in and out of the scorching heat of a Greek spring, we headed north through tiny villages. Worn stone cottages with trellises draped in vines dotted across […]

In Tirana, a Journey from Mongolia

After a few traffic jams, a perpetual skyline hazy with pollution, and a rather large power plant out the window spouting billows of fumes into the sky, we arrived. After handing over our 25,000 Tugrik we were on our way out of Mongolia, bound for Tirana. The Ulanbataar airport is as easy as they come. […]

Everybody Has a Story

An old Arab gentleman ushers a curious volunteer into his tent and gestures with his wiry thin arms to have a seat. Sit, he says with his eyes. The shrapnel wounds down his legs tell more than his words. Min-ga-la-ba she smiles, uh, hello, she corrects herself. But it’s her clear, shining eyes that express […]