Welcome to Magnificent Asia

In 2014 when I first set out on my digital nomad journey, I sold all my things and hopped on a one way flight out to Bangkok, Thailand.

Since that day, I’ve never looked back and Southeast Asia has become a bit of a second landing pad for me.

Later on, adventures took me further afield into Asia to explore China, Mongolia, India, and Nepal – all incredible journeys full of amazing experiences that I treasure.

Over the past many years I’ve been writing about my travels through Asia, and here I share with you my favourite tips, destination guides, and travel memoirs from Asia.

The Khlongs of Bangkok

Propelled from an ancient city into a space-aged modern one at the blink of an eye, Bangkok has undergone many changes in recent times. What was once a city of floating markets and traders of spices and silk is now a global tourism destination. A sprawling metropolis set against a futuristic landscape of skytrains and […]

Naiyang & the hidden treasures of Phuket

There is nothing quite akin to the pleasure of stumbling upon an incredible new destination completely by accident, and with the amount of research I indulge myself in, it’s a rare find to be completely blindsided by somewhere. But tucked away just out of view of Phuket International Airport, I was delighted by Naiyang Beach.

Penang Revisited

Coming to Georgetown was like coming home for me. It was exactly 2 years since I had list visited, and back then I had opted to live in a cabin on the side of the hill, surrounded by pristine jungle and within the open arms of the local Buddhist sanctuary. The place is heaven on an island, and it was the first time I fell in love with Malaysia.

Tracks to Taiping

My brother arrived to join us in a trip across Malaysia. Introducing the people you love, to the places you love, is one of my greatest pleasures as a traveler, and getting to show him around somewhere that was also a mutual love of our father made it all the more special.

The Journey Begins in Kuala Lumpur

There’s nothing quite like the experience of your first morning out. Back on the road, away from home once again. On this occasion, mine was spent watching a dusky pink sunrise give a mauve glow to Kuala Lumpur through the lens of a steamy window. The last time I passed through the Malaysian capital was […]

Mongolia in the early spring, Life in a Ger Camp

Ever since I can remember I’ve found myself enamoured with far-off lands. Jungle explorations, desert treks through the Sahara, far away Nepalese mountain ranges and small Himalayan villages. So it comes as no real surprise when I locked eyes with the possibility of Mongolia, and even less unusual that I found a Ger to sleep […]

On the Road to the Golden City of Jaisalmer

When dusk took hold we were barreling out through the outskirts of New Delhi slums. The evening breeze streaming through the windows cooled the muggy carriage air. I had no idea yet I was bound for Jaisalmer, it was a mere inkling of a future plan An elderly lady began reading over my shoulder, Young […]