From the Arctic to the Tropics and back again

From the magical snowy tundras of Alaska and Northern Canada, down to the wild southernmost tip of Chile, America is a pretty expansive continent!

It was my dream to begin in Mexico and spend a few days making my way down through Central and South America. To discover everything in between, to learn Spanish, gorge on tamales and continue on from there.

I made it as far south as Colombia over the space of a year, then had to head to Europe. But the dream lives on to go back and pick up where I left off!

There is just so much to explore. So far I’ve experienced Canada, the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia & Martinique. So I’ve barely made a dent in the 55 different countries that make up the Americas (including the Caribbean)

Dia De Muertos en Oaxaca

El Dia de Muertos has always fascinated me. Since the death of my father, the intrigue of this Mexican celebration deepened. My curiosity led me to Oaxaca to experience this celebration for myself.

In Mexico, a return to the city of Oaxaca

Descending into Mexico City for the first time was one of the most surreal moments of my life at that time. It made impressions that would change the course of my life in profound ways. Oaxaca, Love at First Taste At just 26 years old, despite working as a flight attendant, I had never strayed […]