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My Travelling Kitchen

My Travelling Kitchen

My travelling kitchen has been a long time coming. In fact, a long, long time ago in my life I had felt such a strong passion for food that I decided I must, absolutely must, follow my dreams and become a chef. It was a good choice for me at the time, and I learned so very much through culinary school.

Well, It only took a few chef jobs to realise the industry wasn’t where I wanted to be. But, I had learned so much & knew that cuisine would be a large part of my future.

Tasting my way around the world since 2014 has been a dream come true, and inspired me to learn from these amazing chefs and cooks I met along the way. So, I started back up in my own kitchen this time – studying, testing, tasting, and trying to replicate my favourite flavours from around the world.

As I travel now, I continue to learn and watch attentively – every slicing of a maki roll, flipping of a tortilla; then I attempt to make them for myself. My traveling kitchen is a work in progress, a journal of what Ive learned, what I’ve tried, and my recipes.


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