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Sometimes one story isn’t quite enough, and other times threads of my writing are tied together by connections that make them best enjoyed together. This is why I’ve created collections – stories that intermingle with one another, share a common bond or theme.

Overland Asia Diaries

Overland Asia Diaries

After my father passed away, I was in desperate need of a meaningful distraction. So, I took the trip he had been planning to take right across Asia.

Twenty Tales of Tragedy - A Journey into a Humanitarian Crisis

Twenty Tales of Tragedy (and a few of hope)

This Journey into a Humanitarian Crisis follows my time spent volunteering at refugee camps across Greece, from Lesvos up to Thessaloniki.

My Travelling Kitchen

My Travelling Kitchen

When I began working as a chef I came to understand just how important food is to a culture. Since then, I’ve been working on recreating all of my favourite dishes as I go.

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