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It feels like a lifetime ago. It was my first journey out as a digital nomad, living out my backpack, all my belongings with me. ⁣

At this point I’d sold everything, and was living off a small amount of savings. ⁣

I had no idea how it would all turn out and so many times I thought I would need to give up, return home, and get a “real” job.⁣

In these first three months I ran out of money, my father was diagnosed with cancer, I felt homesick, I suffered severe anxiety, and yet somehow.. I persevered. ⁣

It’s been over six years since this photo was taken, at Chiang Dao caves a few hours outside of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.⁣

Since then I’ve kept going. I’ve worked my way up the rungs of work from home and now work from anywhere for my dream company; I’ve explored every continent except Antartica (so far) and explored 39 countries. I’ve learned languages, made lifelong friends, volunteered, lost my father, and figured out what’s most important to me.⁣

Through that, I’ve not given up. I’m still here, still going. ⁣

Each time I see these old photos from my earliest digital nomad days I’m reminded of how far I’ve come, and how amazing this journey has been so far.


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