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October edition, 2021

First Impressions: Tasty Places to eat around Centro Puerto Vallarta

I am many different things, but three of the most prominent of those are an avid researcher, borderline obsessive foodie, and Mexico fangirl. This cocktail means that I arrived back in Mexico armed with an enormous amount of lists, mostly centered around where (and what) to eat in Puerto Vallarta. Having spent most of my previous time in Mexico based …

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An Autumn Adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park

It's been a few years now since I began visiting and exploring in the US, but it's taken me until right now to venture into a national park. With my proclivity towards wildlife, forests, and wide open spaces, that came as a surprise to me (and most people) so it was time to set that right.

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Jardin de Balata & Atlantic Plantations. A road trip in Northern Martinique

Setting out from Fort-de-france we made our way up through the heart of central and northern Martinique, from Jardin de Balata to Sainte-Marie.

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