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December 2020

How is it December already?

Despite the year being utterly bizarre, it seems to be over about as quickly as it began! It's hard to imagine a year ago I was in Martinique, planning for a North American Christmas visit then onto Tokyo for New Years!

It's not been the 2020 we wanted, but it's the 2020 we've got - and although it's been challenging, there's been a lot of good too. This is what I'd like to focus on, all the good bits that managed to slip through the cracks of a chaotic and strange year.

I've been so thankful to spend a year back home with my family, rediscovering my fabulous home country and living a much less transitory existence than I am normally used to. Buying a car, renting an apartment, having a small garden - none of these were on the forecast for this year, yet I am enjoying the change of pace that comes with these things.

This blog has been on a bit of a hiatus - so much so, in fact, that I didn't post a November update. That's because life got real busy all of a sudden with university exams, relocating up to Auckland, and my first attempt at celebrating US thanksgiving!

But things haven't been entirely static, you may notice a new design on the site that I've been working away on migrating to, and a new photo blog section to contain more short-form and image based updates, as well as a brand new newsletter design & content! So stay tuned, as things around here are gearing up for more travel writing and updates as we plough on ahead into a new year!

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Check out the photo blog

I've just launched a new section to the Anna Meanders blog - it's a space to share more of my photos and short updates. You can take a look now, if you like!
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